Scotty Cranmer started his BMX career like many of his peers, BMX racing. Soon after he started racing, Scotty realized his love of jumping and freestyle over took his desire to race. Scotty has been a huge influence on the New Jersey’s BMX scene, with the help of his parents’ skate/BMX park – The Incline Club, Scotty has put New Jersey on the map. With the availability of his own park to train and ride, Scotty has emerged as the sports’ most likely to succeed.

His first contest as a professional, Scotty not only competed against the best in BMX, but beat them all by winning the  2003 UGP Roots Jam. 2003 was not only a break out year, it  was one of the most stellar performances in the history of BMX for a “rookie”. With invites to every major contest in ‘04, Scotty proved he is the future of BMX. He has been compared to a young Dave Mirra, he has the power, the style, the talent and the drive.  Since then, Scotty has placed on the podium in 5 of the 7 X Games he has entered, and won gold in 2006, 2009 and most recently this past summer’s 2012 X Games.

Keep your eyes looking towards the sky when Scotty rides, he goes big and isn’t scared to push the limits of the sport.

Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Moment in your Career: My latest X Games Gold Medal
Favorite Trick: I love doing opposite 360s
Favorite Cereal: Golden Graham’s
Favorite TV Show: Pokemon is cool
Lucky #: 222
Favorite Band: Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band
Favorite Movie: Rad! It’s a BMX movie from 1986
Favorite Spot to Ride: My family’s skatepark, The Incline Club
Biggest Goal: to be happy!
If you weren’t a professional athlete, what would you be? An amateur athlete!
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate

Connect with Scotty
Twitter: @ScottyCranmer
Instagram: @ScottyCranmer